Fire in chemical factory in Mohali, 8 burns, accident while putting expired turpentine oil in drum – Punjabi news | fire in mohali kurali chemical factory 8 burned 2 critical know full detail in punjabi

A terrible fire has broken out in a chemical factory located in the focal point of Kurali in Mohali. In which 8 people including 5 women have been severely burnt. 2 of these women have been referred to Chandigarh from Mohali. whose condition is critical. Apart from Mohali, health teams from Ropar have been sent to the spot.

As soon as the fire broke out, clouds of smoke filled the entire sky. 24 fire brigade vehicles reached the spot and started trying to control the fire. The sound of explosions is coming from inside the factory. Irritation of the eyes and breathing difficulties in the surrounding areas.

25 employees were present inside the factory

About 25 workers were working inside the factory when the fire broke out. 5 to 7 people were present at the place where the fire broke out. The fire brigade personnel came and pulled them out. They are the most injured in this accident. Hearing the sound of the explosion, all the other employees ran out immediately.

After the incident, some employees present at the spot said that expired turpentine oil was kept in the factory. When some employees started pouring oil into the drum, suddenly there was an explosion. Due to this, the entire factory caught fire.

Special chemicals were called to extinguish the fire

The fire broke out in the chemical kept inside the factory. Due to this it is increasing. Now special chemical is being brought from Mohali to extinguish this fire.

Two explosions occurred in the factory

Around 1:30 a.m., two explosions occurred in the factory while the fire was being extinguished. These explosions are said to be caused by the explosion of a drum full of chemicals. Fire brigade personnel are putting out the fire with extreme caution as there is a fear of release of chemicals due to the bursting of the drum.

The fire in the chemical factory is still growing rapidly. There is a risk of fire in other nearby factories due to strong wind blowing at the spot. The administration reached the spot and started evicting the workers from other factories as well.

Singer Kanwar Grewal came forward to help

Meanwhile, Punjabi singer Kanwar Grewal has come forward to help after the fire. On Wednesday, they had come to Prabh Asara Ashram located on Kharar Kurali Road. When they saw smoke balloons rising in the sky, they immediately reached the Kurali Chemical Factory. He has also assured all possible help to the people here. He had arrived from Prabh Asara Ashram taking an ambulance with him.

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