European Union imposes 888 million fine on Amazon, find out what’s the reason?


The European Union (EU) has imposed the largest fine on Amazon ever. These fines are imposed for violating data privacy rules.

However, Amazon has done so in violation of the rules. Let’s understand that What is the whole matter and Now what is Amazon’s plan?

European Union imposes
European Union imposes

Amazon has been fined $ 746 million, or 88 888 million, by the Luxembourg Data Protection Authority. These fines are imposed for violating the European General Data Protection Regulation. The investigation was launched in 2018 following a complaint from a French rights group. He welcomed the decision to impose a fine on Amazon. “None of the rules have been violated,” Amazon said in a statement. Nor is any kind of customer data passed on to any third party. “There is no basis for the latest decision. We do not agree with the decision of the CNDP.

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