eco sikh,dr rajwant singh,vetican city,world teacher day

eco sikh,dr rajwant singh,vetican city,world teacher day


Bureau Report: The words of the first Patshahi Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji were sung in the Vatican, the holiest city of the Christian community in Italy. The occasion was October 5 World Teachers’ Day. The event, organized by Pope Francis, was attended by personalities associated with the field of education from all over the world. Dr. Rajwant Singh, head of ECO SIKH, a well-known American organization, joined the Sikh community. On this occasion, Dr. Rajwant Singh explained how ‘Knowledge’ has been defined in Sikhism by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. First of all, he recited the words of the first Guru Nanak Dev Ji, ‘Esa Gyanu Japahu Man Mere’. Hovahu Chakar Sache Kere. We are neither good nor bad. Pranavati Nanaku tare soi sang and then translated the word into English and explained the meaning.

Dr. Rajwant Singh said that the founder of Sikhism is Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who is our Guru which means teacher. Education in our religion means such knowledge which is distributed to everyone without discrimination, to which all have an equal right. It should have the importance of human values, respect of women, preserve the nature and keep the thought of taking care of the social media responsibility in the present era. As Guru Nanak Dev ji said, education is philanthropic. That is, only reading a book is not knowledge, but considering it and making it a part of life should be its real motive. Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji told us how all religions should be respected because all religions show the way to meet God. This world is so beautiful that tells us we are all the same.


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