Due to the spread of disease in animals, half of Chhatbir Zoo is closed!


News related to Chhatbir Zoo has come out. According to information, almost half of the zoo has been closed due to the spread of foot-and-mouth disease in many animals of the famous Mahendra Chaudhary Chhatbir Zoo in North India.

Tourists are not being allowed to go in that direction. Although the zoo administration on the other hand is denying the spread of the disease, the deer safari, buffalo park and white deer park have been completely closed for visitors.

It is being said by the zoo administration that there are cases of foot-and-mouth disease spreading in nearby villages. Due to which half of the zoo has been closed as a precaution. Visitors to the zoo are protesting against it. They say that despite taking the full ticket, they are not getting to see the deer safari and buffalo enclosures. Tourists who came to visit the zoo said that many enclosures of the zoo are closed.

The road has also been closed by putting a green sheet on the rope. Deer safaris, deer enclosures, white deer enclosures and wild buffalo enclosures were closed by the zoo authorities. Zoo keepers are posted in front of the deer safari.

Regarding this matter, Bhalinder Singh, Ranger Animal Management of Chhatbir Zoo, says that this disease has spread in the village near Chhatbir Zoo. This disease spreads through infection. Due to which, symptoms of disease spread have been seen in about half a dozen deer of the zoo. Due to which some deer are kept apart from other animals.