Dog Bites: If a dog bites, do not use turmeric and chillies, apply this thing with water, rabies will be cured, said the doctor of RML Hospital


The cases of dog bites have increased rapidly in Delhi.
There is a risk of getting rabies if there is a dog bite.

Dog Bites and Rabies: Recently two brothers died due to dog bite in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj but the matter is not just that. In the capital alone, the cases of pet dog bites are quite shocking. If you look at the figures of two government hospitals Safdarjung Hospital and Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital in Delhi, then in just 6 months, there have been 29,698 cases of dog bites in Safdarjung and 18,183 cases in RML. have come. Doctors tell that all these are patients coming for treatment and treatment of Anti-Rabies Vaccine, although many times people bring themselves to the hospital after treating the dog bite site, which increases the problem instead of benefiting. She goes.

of Delhi Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital (RML Hospital) in Community Medicine Assistant Professor Dr. Sagar Borkar It is said that dog bites have become a big problem today. Although not all dog bites cause rabies. Usually stray dogs and those pet dogs that have not been vaccinated against rabies spread this serious disease. Still, the fear of rabies remains because it is a disease with 100 percent death rate. In such a situation, it is very important to get anti-rabies vaccine after dog bite.

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Dr. Borkar says that people rub turmeric on the wound in their homes before taking them to the hospital after a dog bite. They think that turmeric is an antibiotic so it will work here. Apart from this, there is an old practice of sprinkling red chili powder, but instead of reducing the chances of rabies virus entering the blood, it increases. Along with this, some people apply betadine etc. tubes or any other ointment on the wound before coming to the hospital so that it will benefit the wound, but all these things do not affect the rabies virus, on the contrary, they promote it.

Dr. Sagar of RML Hospital says that patients coming to the hospital after dog bite are not only given treatment but also counselled. It is explained to them that if ever a dog, cat, monkey or pet animal bites, then do not apply anything on that wound. Instead, wash it immediately with running water from the tap and the soap available in the house. Before reaching the hospital, keep washing the dog bite area with running water and soap (Cleaning with Soap and Running Water) as many times as possible. This will wash away the virus of rabies. Even if this virus remains, then Anti Rabies Vaccine is applied for it.

Washing the wound with water and soap is a very important thing that everyone should know. So that along with dog bite, the method to control it can be started from home itself. Dr. Sagar says that whenever patients come to the hospital, the doctors also ask them to clean the wound immediately with soap and water. People think that water can cause pus in the wound or soap can cause irritation in the wound, but there is nothing like that. Both these things are for killing the virus of rabies. Instead of covering or closing the wound, leave it open. This increases the chances of its quick recovery.

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