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Risk of disease by eating cotton candy

You too must have eaten Cotton Candy i.e. My Old Lady's Jhata at some point in your childhood. Its distinct color and sweet taste attracts everyone but recent reports have found it harmful to health. It is being told that the chemicals used in it pose a risk of terrible diseases like cancer, let's know what the full news is.

Which chemical is dangerous?

The cotton candy that you find in markets and fairs are of different colors, for these colors they use a chemical called Rhodamine-B. Experts believe that the chemicals used to make different colors for cotton candy are a health hazard. In the tests conducted so far, this chemical has been found in blue and pink colored cotton candies. The Tamil Nadu government has banned its use after investigations found it to be the cause of serious diseases like cancer. Now the Delhi government is also planning to investigate it.

What is the chemical Rhodamine-B?

Rhodamine-B is a type of synthetic dye chemical, which is used to dye something, so it is used in the textile industry, but a study conducted in America has made it clear that Rhodamine-B The use of can cause serious diseases like cancer. Illness occurs. Long-term use can cause kidney and liver damage.

How dangerous is the chemical Rhodamine-B?

Cancer expert Dr. Anshuman Kumar says that Rhodamine-B is a type of toxic chemical. It affects the lining of the stomach if used for a long time, however, it is also used in many medical tests because it is toxic, so its use is dangerous. It is used in dyeing clothes, leather and is also used in various street foods. It is mostly used in chili potatoes. However, it should be banned due to its dangerous effects.

Cotton candy will also be tested in the country

After the toxic chemical Rhodamine-B was found in cotton candy, the Tamil Nadu government has banned its use, now the Delhi government is also looking serious about this matter and Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj has The Food Safety Department has been asked to investigate and take necessary action after checking it However, colorless cotton candy is safe for children and everyone.

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