Diesel will no longer be needed to run trucks, Reliance Industries did the feat


Photo:FILE Now there will be no need of diesel to run the truck

Reliance Industries Hydrogen Truck: Government of India is organizing many different programs to promote green energy. Providing subsidy to big companies. The good thing is that these companies are also working in this direction by following the orders of the government. Reliance Industries, one of the country’s largest company, is also named in this. Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries on Monday showcased a hydrogen-powered truck at the ‘India Energy Week’ in Bangalore. Hydrogen is considered the cleanest fuel and emits only water and oxygen. This truck with two large hydrogen cylinders manufactured by Ashok Leyland is kept in a hall next to the main venue. It was here that Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the three-day programme.

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Through a display near the truck, it has been told that this is the country’s first truck with H2ICE technology on the road. When hydrogen is used in trucks in place of conventional diesel fuel or the more recently introduced liquefied natural gas (LNG), this results in almost zero emissions. It states that the performance of an H2ICE vehicle is similar to that of a diesel ICE. H2 is the formula for Hydrogen and ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine. India is increasingly pushing for the use of hydrogen. It is produced by splitting water using electricity. Hydrogen can be used in everything from steel plants to fertilizer units. Here it can take the place of hydrocarbons. Hydrogen can also be used as a vehicle fuel, but its manufacturing cost is currently very high.

Despite being expensive, companies are investing

Despite this, however, companies are investing in hydrogen manufacturing. Last month, Gautam Adani’s group announced plans for a hydrogen truck. Adani Group had earlier announced that it plans to invest $50 billion in green hydrogen and associated ecosystems over the next 10 years. At the same time, Reliance Group is investing in the entire hydrogen ecosystem in addition to renewable power generation. Reliance is investing Rs 6 lakh crore in several green energy projects in Gujarat as part of its plan to make the company carbon-free.

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