Death of Punjabi youth in New Zealand, next month

At the village Khaihira Kalan, near Fatehgarh Chudi in Gurdaspur, the atmosphere became sad when the news of the death of Joban Singh, a young man from New Zealand, reached the village. There was an atmosphere of happiness in the house. In the meantime, when the news of the death of the young son came from abroad, there was mourning in the house The family is in a very bad condition

In this regard, village sarpanch Hakumat Roy and the family of the deceased youth said that Joban Singh, a resident of Khaihira, had gone to Auckland, New Zealand in February 2019. He had spoken to the family for the last time on October 8 and after that, Joban’s phone and The net started coming off and they stopped talking to him and despite repeated attempts by the family, Joban Singh could not be contacted. He said that now a mail was received from New Zealand at the SSP Batala office that Joban Singh, a youth of village Kheiran Kalan, died on October 14.

Hearing the news of Joban Singh’s death, the family members and the village felt a wave of grief and the family is in a bad condition. At the same time, the family says that the preparations for the daughter’s marriage are going on at home and the marriage was in December and Joban was also supposed to come then, but in the meantime, they have received a message about his death, while the reasons for his death are not known yet. While Laga and the family are appealing to know the cause of their son’s death, the family requested help from the NRE brothers and the government to bring the body of their son Joban Singh to India and they said that The Center and the Punjab Government should help him to get his son’s dead body from New Zealand.

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