Customs department seized gold worth 92 lakhs from a smuggler at Amritsar airport


In Amritsar, the customs department has seized more than one and a half kg of gold in 2 days. In both the cases, the police have taken the accused into custody and started proceedings under the Customs Act, 1962. In these cases, the smugglers were smuggling gold paste by making it to avoid the sight of the customs department.

The first case is from yesterday. The customs department seized 905.4 grams of gold at the Sri Guru Ramdas International Airport in Amritsar. Today, in another case, the customs department stopped the smuggling of 593 grams of gold. In both these cases, the accused had reached Amritsar by flight from Dubai.

In both the cases, gold paste was made and brought hidden in the body, but when the customs department did the checking, they succeeded in catching the gold smuggler.

The Customs Department said that further action is being taken by the police regarding the gold smuggling gang in this case. The total value of the gold seized in two days is Rs 91.92 lakh. On October 29, where the customs department seized gold worth 55.42 lakh rupees, on the other hand, today the customs department seized gold worth 36.5 lakh rupees.