Convert a petrol powered scooter to an electric scooter like this, there will be more benefits at lower cost


If you have an old scooter running on petrol, this news is going to be very useful for you. In the midst of the rise of electric scooters around the world, some startups in Bengaluru have launched a unique initiative to convert old scooters into electric scooters. The amount for this is not much.

Convert a petrol powered
Convert a petrol powered

Bounce, a startup company providing ride sharing services in Bangalore, has launched a similar scheme. The company replaces any old internal combustion engine (petrol) scooter with an electric motor and battery (retrofit kit) to turn it into an electric scooter. The company charges only Rs 20,000 for this. Bounce co-founder Vivekananda Halkere said, “So far we have converted more than 1000 old scooters into electric scooters. The company is also opening service centers for these scooter owners. With the incoming battery kit in this scooter, once the scooter is fully charged, the scooter can run up to 65 kilometers. This kit is certified by the Automotive Research Association of India.

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