Conspiracy is sitting in Canada, these are the faces behind turning the land of Punjab red – Punjabi news | Goldy brother Lakhbir Singh Landa run Conspiracy from Canada know in Punjabi

Arshdeep Singh Dalla, Lakhbir Singh Landa, Goldie Brar, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, Paramjit Pamma and Avtar Singh Khanda are the faces who are sitting abroad and hatching new conspiracies against India every day. These faces have been behind more than a dozen incidents like the murder of Hindu leaders, gang wars, contract killings, rape and attacks on government institutions in Punjab.

The strings of conspiracies against India or to put it plainly to redden the land of Punjab are directly connected with the Khalistani terrorists present in Canada. According to the intelligence department, for the past several months, Lakhbir Singh Landa, who is sitting in Canada, is targeting Hindu leaders in Punjab on the basis of funding at the behest of the Pakistani intelligence agency. Lakhbir Singh Landa is the mastermind behind the RPG attacks in Mohali and Tarn Taran.

15 lakhs reward on Lakhbir Singh Landa

Actually Harwinder Singh Rinda present in Pakistan is the link between ISI and Lakhbir Singh Landa. Landa is a resident of Tarn Taran in Punjab, against whom the NIA has also issued a Red Corner Notice. The NIA has also announced a reward of Rs 15 lakh on the head of Lakhbir Singh Landa, who escaped from Canada in 2017.

Similarly, gangster-turned-terrorist Goldie Brar and Arshdeep Singh Dalla are also busy in carrying out anti-national activities while sitting in Canada. These two gangsters from Punjab had been running a terrorist-criminal network in Canada for the past several months, in which banned Khalistan terrorist organizations like Khalistan Tiger Force and Sikhs for Justice were being supported. But, after the murder of Sidhu Moosewala, there is news of Goldie Brar fleeing to America.

About 600 gangsters in Lawrence-Goldie Brar’s gang

Goldie Brar is also running the Lawrence Bishnoi gang while sitting abroad, in which Lawrence’s younger brother Anmol Bishnoi, who is sitting in America, is supporting him. The Lawrence-Goldie Brar gang alone has around 600 goons with all modern weapons.

Similarly, Arshdeep Dalla’s close Sukha Dooni is also ISI. And is carrying out conspiracies against the country by sitting in the lap of Khalistani terrorist organizations. Recently, NIA has also issued a lookout circular and announced a reward against Sukha Dooni.

These terrorists are hiding in Canada

  • Gurvinder Singh- Native of Punjab, but hiding in Canada.
  • Satveer Singh- a native of Punjab, but in hiding in Canada.
  • Sanwar Dhillon is a Canadian gangster, but formerly an Indian.
  • Gurpinder Singh is a resident of Punjab, but he is hiding in Canada.
  • Gurpinder Singh alias Baba Dalla is hiding in Canada.
  • Satvir Singh Waring aka Sam lives in Canada.
  • Charanjit Singh alias Rinku Behla is hiding in Canada.
  • Ramandeep Singh is hiding in Canada.
  • Apart from this, after staying underground for several days, the presence of the most wanted terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu in Canada is continuously coming to light.

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