Competitive environment for companies to take advantage of record fast stock market opportunities, bumper earnings opportunity


Companies are competing to take advantage of the record-breaking opportunity in the stock market. In view of this, the companies have launched their initial public offering (IPO) in October and December Between raising large capital Prepared.

As per the information received, at least 35 companies have planned to raise a total of Rs 80,000 crore by selling shares. In contrast, the previous record for a calendar year was in 2017 when 36 companies raised Rs 67,147 crore.

Competitive environment for companies
Competitive environment for companies

Merchant banking sources said that 14 companies have received approval from capital market regulator Sebi for IPO. Companies that have received approval include Paytm, Aadhaar Housing Finance, Star Health and Allied Insurance, Policy Market, EQUR Pharma, Adani Wilmar and Naika. These companies plan to raise between Rs 4,000 crore and Rs 16,000 crore in IPOs. At the same time, Pradeep Phosphates, Vedanta Fashion, CMS Infosystems and Northern Arc are also planning to raise Rs 2,000-2,500 crore from the market in the December quarter.

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