Changes in many rules from LPG rates to PF from today will have a direct impact on your pocket.


The month of September has started from today. Many of the rules that affect us and your life have changed, which will affect our pockets as well. Let’s find out what rules have changed since September 1.

SEBI is implementing new rules for stock traders from today. Under this the rules of 100% margin are being fully implemented from today. Cash and now pay full margin Doing in futures and options Will have to Now the full margin has to be paid in intraday trading as well. Any reduction in margin at any time will be penalized.

Changes in many rules
Changes in many rules

As of today, September 1, if your Universal Account Number is not linked to your Aadhaar Card, your employer will not be able to credit your provident fund account. If you do not link the Aadhaar card with the PF account, you will face many difficulties from September 1. Punjab National Bank Savings Account Interest Rates are being reduced from 1st September i.e. today. Old and new customers of Punjab National Bank will get 2.90% interest on savings account. Earlier it was 3%. That is, there will be a reduction in earnings.

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