‘Channel’ feature came in WhatsApp, know what it is and how it will work?


How WhatsApp Channel Work? WhatsApp has made the channel feature live in over 150 countries including India. This feature will work like a broadcast channel on Instagram. The company is releasing this update in a phased manner which you will get in the near future. The company will provide a new feature under the ‘Updates’ tab where you will be able to view status updates and channels. The channel feature is especially useful for those who are popular on social media or create content. With this you can connect with your followers.

What is the specialty of the channel?
The channel feature of WhatsApp is completely different from the existing groups and community feature. The company has made this feature to reach more people. Like other WhatsApp features, the channel feature is not end-to-end encrypted. Upon creating a channel, the company grants the administrator various rights that the administrator can apply to his channel. Like who can join, forwarding content etc.

How does it go?
The channel feature works exactly like Instagram’s channel feature in which admins can post photos, videos, emojis, voice-notes, etc. to their followers. To connect to a channel you must first search for it. Admin and follower details in the channel are not visible to each other and people can easily connect with their favorite creator or person through it.

Currently the channel feature is new. The company is going to bring many updates in the near future. Admins will soon be able to edit posts in their channel within 30 days. After this it will be deleted from WhatsApp server. Apart from this, if the admin shares any post of the channel in a group or chat, then the person in front will get an option to join the channel (link back). This allows the user to get more information about that topic.

Join any such channel
To join any channel, first update your app.
Now come to the app and go to ‘Updates’ tab, here under status you will see different channels. You can join any channel as per your choice. If you are not able to see the channel feature yet then you have to wait a bit.

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