Changing the timings of offices, a historic decision of the Hon’ble Government

Punjab Offices Time Change Decision: Public Relations and Horticulture Minister Chetan Singh Jaudamajra has appreciated the decision of the Bhagwant Mann-led government to change the office hours during the summer season. It may be mentioned that the Punjab government has changed the office timings from 2nd May to 7:30 am to 2:00 pm which will be effective till 15th July.

Appreciating this forward-looking step of the government, Jaudamajra said that since the time of offices in Punjab has been changed, the common people as well as the employees are happy. He said that Punjabi people have been getting up early in the morning since ancient times and this step of the government will help them to get these good habits again.

Speaking about the benefits of this move, Jaudamajra said that this change in office hours is a scientific and environment-friendly decision that will save a lot of electricity as most of the work will be done during the day. The same trend is followed in most of the developed countries as the day starts earlier in the summer season.

Jaudamajra said that the people of Chandigarh have also benefited because the timings of Punjab government offices are different from those of UT or central government offices, so the traffic during 9:00 am or 5:00 pm time. has reduced greatly due to which vehicular movement has become easier.

This decision has given the greatest relief to the Chandigarh administration and traffic police as the traffic problem has become a serious concern for this heritage city. To solve this problem, spending crores of rupees in the form of policy planning or infrastructural changes. Could have been, but Bhagwant Mann’s historic decision has solved this years-old problem in seconds, saving money to a large extent.

During his closing speech, Jaudamajra said that he went out early in the morning to assess the impact of this decision and interacted with the general public including the employees to get their feedback.

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