‘Chandrayaan launched, it doesn’t mean that…’


Mikhail Podoliak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, made a statement on Wednesday that caused an uproar. He made objectionable comments on the intellectual capacity of Indians and Chinese. However, as the controversy escalated, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry distanced itself from its statement, after which Podoliak retracted his statement. He has targeted Russia, accusing it of distorting the statement.

In fact, on Wednesday, Podoliak said that India is launching Chandrayaan but that does not mean it understands the modern world.

Naming India, China and Turkey, Podoliak said in an interview, ‘What is the problem with India, China, Turkey? The problem with them is that they do not analyze the consequences of what they are doing. Unfortunately, the intellectual capacity of these countries is weak. Yes, they invest in science, India has also launched Chandrayaan and its rover is tracking on the surface of the moon but that does not mean that these countries have fully understood what the modern world is all about.

There has been no reaction from India on his comment. Also, the Embassy of Ukraine in Delhi said that they do not support Podoliak’s views.

The spokesperson of Ukraine in Delhi said, ‘These are Podoliak’s personal views. What he said is not the official position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Office of the President of Ukraine.

Reversing his statement, he has accused Russia

After Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry dismissed the statement, Podoliak charged in a tweet on his X (formerly Twitter) handle that his statement had been misrepresented as part of Russian propaganda.

“Classic Russian propaganda – spreading things out of context, twisting statements and inciting target audiences with the aim of fueling conflict,” he wrote in his tweet. Turkey, India, China and other regional powers are claiming global roles in the modern world, which is legitimate and has historical, economic, cultural, scientific and political reasons. The roles of these countries are much broader than that of Russia. But the world is much wider than regional and national interests.

He further wrote in his long tweet, ‘Russia is violating international rules and regulations. At such a time it makes no sense to ignore the global situation for our regional and economic interests. The sooner Russia is defeated, the sooner the world will move towards stability. The task of the great powers is to change this situation as soon as possible.

The stand of India, China and Turkey in Russia-Ukraine war

India, China and Turkey have been neutral in the Russia-Ukraine war. All three countries have not condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine. India, while maintaining a neutral stance on war, has repeatedly said that war cannot be resolved through violence but must be resolved peacefully through dialogue and diplomacy.

Since the war, India has increased its purchases of subsidized oil from Russia to record levels, which Ukraine has objected to. In this regard, Ukraine once said that the blood of Ukrainians has been mixed in Russian oil.


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