CCL 2024: Sports Minister Meet Hare came to encourage the 'Lions of Punjab', said – Our sports policy is the best. CCL 2024 Punjab de sher Punjab sports minister gurmeet singh meet hayer exclusive interview with full detail in punjabi Punjabi news


The sports minister who arrived to boost the spirits of the 'Lions of Punjab' also shed sweat on the field

Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2024 is a famous tournament played by the celebrities of the film industry, about which huge enthusiasm can be seen among the common people along with the film world. CCL 2023 will start from February 2024 and end in March 2024. Let it be known that TV9 is sponsoring the Punjab Lions team of CCL 2024 this time. So we will keep giving you every interesting news related to this celebrity match.

The second practice match of the Punjab lion team is going to be held on February 22 in the evening. With this, the team is reaching the IS Bindra Stadium PCA in Mohali. Meanwhile, Punjab Sports Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hare has also reached the field to boost the spirits of these players. Meanwhile, had a special conversation with him.

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During the conversation, the sports minister said that he is very passionate about sports. They say that what is the use of his being a sports minister if he does not go to boost the morale of the players on the field as a sports minister. He said how the players can be encouraged to play by flowing into the room. Also they try to learn new things by going to the ground.

The sports minister further said that the sports policy that the Punjab government has made, there is no such policy anywhere in the country. He said that the details of this policy were understood till 6 months before its implementation. Everything was scrutinized. He said that the state government is going to open a sports nursery in Punjab, the provision of which has been kept in the upcoming budget.