Cases of stubble burning in Punjab more than Haryana, photo released by NASA website Punjabi news

Punjab News Haryana has opened the polls of its neighboring state Punjab. Haryana has released satellite images on the official website of NASA, which Haryana (Haryana) The cases of stubble burning in India show more than double. While the figure shows less than half the number of fire incidents in Haryana as compared to Punjab. While Punjab is continuously claiming less stubble burning. From the Delhi government to the Punjab government, accusations and counter-accusations are being made against other states.

This is the claim of Punjab

This year compared to last year Punjabi (Punjab) There has been a reduction of about 53 percent in stubble burning incidents. The Punjab government has claimed that it has taken several important steps to solve the serious problem of paddy stubble burning in the state. The government has also released statistics for this. It has been claimed that the number of stubble fires in 2022 was 5798, which has come down to 2704 this year, which is a 53 percent reduction by October 25, 2023 compared to October 25, 2022.

Due to these decisions, the cases are claimed to be less

Punjab government is claiming that in the state The matter of stubble burning (The matter of stubble burning) Several important steps have been taken to reduce It is claimed that initiatives have been implemented in in-situ (on-field) and ex-situ (out-of-field) paddy stubble management. The in-situ management initiative includes provision of Crop Residue Management (CRM) machines at 80 percent subsidy to farmer groups and 50 percent subsidy to individual farmers.

24 thousand machines arranged

The Bhagwant Mann government approved the purchase of 24,000 machines in September ahead of the harvest season. Out of which 16,000 machines are already in use by farmers. 7.15 crore was allocated to districts to set up custom hiring centers in each block, ensuring that CRM machines are provided free of cost to small and marginal farmers.