Cabinet minister Aman Arora got a big relief from the court, suspension of punishment was imposed


The current big news related to Cabinet Minister Aman Arora has come out. According to information, Aman Arora has got a big relief from the court. Let it be said that until now there were discussions that whether Cabinet Minister Aman Arora will hoist the flag on January 26 or not, now these discussions have come to a halt.

According to information, the case related to Aman Arora was heard in Sangrur court today. During the hearing held today in the Sangrur Court, he has been given a stay of conviction till January 31 on the two-year sentence awarded by the Sunam court. With which Cabinet Minister Aman Arora has got a big relief.

It may be mentioned that 9 persons including Cabinet Minister Aman Arora were sentenced to two years each by Sunam court on 21st December. After this, Aman Arora approached the District Sessions Court Sangrur against the sentence.

According to information, the Punjab-Haryana High Court declared Aman Arora guilty on December 21, 2023, disqualifying him as an MLA and adjourned the hearing to January 25 on the demand to issue instructions to stop hoisting the flag in Amritsar.

Today, Aman Arora's lawyer Sartej Narula assured the High Court that if the Sangrur Sessions Court does not stay Aman Arora's sentence today, then he will not hoist the tricolor on Republic Day tomorrow. On this assurance, the High Court disposed of the petition.


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