Bhangra lying at hockey players’ house, Gurjant’s mother says – ‘This is not a bronze, a gold medal for me’


The Indian men’s hockey team has finally made history after 41 years. The Indian hockey team has won a bronze medal in the Olympics after 41 years.

family of hockey player gurjant singh
family of hockey player gurjant singh

The hockey team won the bronze medal by defeating Germany 5-4. The team had earlier won a medal in Moscow in 1980. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the homes of hockey players all over the country as well as in Jalandhar. Four players from Amritsar district of Punjab have also contributed in the victory of the team, including Gurjant Singh, Dilpreet Singh, Harmanpreet Singh and Shamsher Singh. Simranjit Singh, who scored two goals in the match, is the cousin of Khidari Gurjant Singh. So there is a double celebration in Gurjant’s family. The families of both the players watched the entire match. Now is not the time for the family to rejoice in victory. Along with the fans, family members have also found bhangra to the beat of the drum.

Gurjant’s mother and Simranjit’s aunt Sukhjinder Kaur says the bronze medal is a gold medal for her. The sons have taken out a 41-year-old loan. Both brothers Gurjant and Simran have performed very well. The Indian team has made history once again. I can’t believe that my sons have given me so much joy that tears have come to my eyes. Meanwhile, the whole family became emotional and said that the chest has widened with pride. Gurjant’s father, Baldev Singh, said he had said he would return with the medal. It doesn’t matter if he gets any medals, but the son has kept his promise, that’s enough for me. Simranjit, who scored two goals, is Gurjant’s cousin. The two brothers were playing very well. When two brothers are on the field, coordination is strong. I am proud of my two sons, just come home soon.

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The Indian team has not only won a bronze medal but also won the hearts of all with its performance in the tournament. Despite a 1-7 defeat in the second group match against Australia, the Indian team finished second after winning the remaining four group matches. Despite stiff competition in the first three quarters, the team lost to world champions Belgium 2-5 in the semifinals. The Indian team has won an Olympic medal 41 years after winning a gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics.

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