Apple investigated, found deficiencies in the facilities of Foxconn’s India iPhone plant workers


All is not well at Foxconn, the Apple iPhone assembly plant located in South India. Earlier this month, over 250 women working at a Foxconn plant in Tamil Nadu’s Sriperumbudur city complained of food poisoning. All of them live in Foxconn’s dormitories. After that there were a lot of protests. Now Apple and Foxconn have found that some remote dormitories and dining rooms used by employees at its Foxconn plant do not meet the required standards. Spokespersons of both the companies have told this on Wednesday.
According to a Reuters report, production at the Taiwanese contract manufacturing company Foxconn’s plant was halted on 18 December. On Wednesday, Foxconn said it was restructuring its local management team to ensure it achieves and maintains the required standards. According to the company, it is taking immediate steps to improve the facilities. Payment of all employees will continue till necessary corrections are made to resume operations.

An Apple spokesperson said that following recent concerns about food safety and housing conditions, independent auditors were sent to Foxconn Sriperumbudur to assess conditions in the dormitories.

The spokesperson said that some remote dormitories and dining rooms being used for employees do not meet the company’s standards. The company is working with Foxconn to improve these.

Foxconn’s Sriperumbudur facility is currently on “probation”. Apple will ensure that strict standards are met before restarting the plant. An Apple spokesperson said it holds its suppliers accountable for the highest standards in the industry. She assesses that all things are to be followed.

It should be noted here that the interference of Chinese companies in the form of Apple’s suppliers is increasing and Foxconn of Taiwan is one of the companies which is challenging the Chinese companies. Foxconn’s rival Luxshare is building an iPhone factory as large as 40 football grounds in China. In such a situation, Foxconn needs to improve its plant. Otherwise, Apple may be forced to take a big step.

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