Alwar: Crowds throng this dumpling shop in the evening, the taste will make you crazy!

Report: Piyush Pathak
Alwar. The city of Alwar has a different identity in terms of food in the whole of Rajasthan. This can be gauged from the fact that a large number of people are seen here in the morning and evening at the food stalls and stalls. The residents of Alwar enjoy Kachori in the morning breakfast, while before going home in the evening, sitting at the pakora shop, they are seen chatting with friends while removing the tiredness of the whole day. By the way, there are many shops in Alwar, which feed people dumplings in the evening. But the dumplings of Sohanlal’s shop near the police control room of Alwar city, which has been running for many years, are very much liked by the people.

By the way, dumplings are made all over the country. But in Alwar district the method of making them is different. Dumplings are made here in many varieties. In which the shopkeepers make a batter of dumplings and cook them beforehand to some extent. Later the way the customer demands. Those type of dumplings are put in hot oil and given hot to the people. Saini told that most of the people of Alwar demand for lentil pakodas and bread pakodas. People not only eat while standing at the shop, but also take it home and chat with their family members.

what is the attraction of this shop
Shopkeeper Chhaganlal Saini said, ‘We have a variety of varieties including lentil dumplings, bread dumplings, potato dumplings, onion dumplings, chili. The main attraction of our shop is the chutney to top the dumplings. Which is of three types. This special is made. All our three types of chutney are prepared by adding asafoetida. Due to which after putting chutney on the dumplings, it tastes different and people eat dumplings here with great enthusiasm.

Bread Pakora is famous
Bharat, who came to the pakodi shop, says that I like the bread pakodas here. Because eating dumplings in the evening is a different pleasure. I come here four-five days a week and eat bread pakoras. I find the bread pakoras here have a different taste. By the way, I have eaten Bed Pakodas outside as well. But, the taste is different here.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 16, 2023, 15:08 IST

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