After years of divorce, the husband had a heart attack, the wife came back, then got married


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This couplet of Gulzar Sahab fits this news perfectly. A heart-warming story of marriage, divorce and remarriage has emerged from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. Here is a couple who have remarried after divorce. They got divorced in 2018 but when the husband underwent open heart surgery, the wife came to take care of him and then she could not go back. The story of this couple is going viral on social media.

Vinay Jaiswal, a resident of Ghaziabad, has shared his and Pooja Chaudhary’s story on his Facebook timeline. The first marriage of both of them took place in the year 2012. But within a year, differences arose between the two. Everyday fights started over small things. Differences gradually turned into quarrels and the matter reached the point of divorce. From the Family Court, the matter reached the High Court and then the Supreme Court. After this affair that lasted for 5 years, both got divorced in 2018.

But after 5 years in 2023, there was a new twist in this story. Vinay Jaiswal suffered a heart attack and had to undergo open heart surgery. When Pooja came to know about Vinay’s illness, she could not contain herself. She reached Ghaziabad to meet Vinay. After this their intimacy grew and love for each other rekindled in their hearts. Both decided to live together once again. Vinay and Pooja got married again on 23 November.

Vinay shared his love story on Facebook and wrote,
*together again after 11 years*
Sometimes we think we wish we could go back in time and undo the damaged things. We certainly think so but it’s not possible because there are so many if-buts and if-buts questions that act as the biggest obstacle to fixing things that are old and worn out over time. Keeping aside all these if-buts and paras, we decided to get back together after 11 years of separation and completed the marriage ceremony and marriage registration in the presence of our loved ones in a family function and divorce decree. Also rejected. We both belong to each other.”


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