5 tips to manage vaginal odor

The vagina is a natural cleansing organ and has a natural smell of its own. Fluids released from the vaginal tissue cause odor in the vagina. This is completely normal. But some of your regular mistakes turn the natural smell of the vagina into foul smell. You may feel this problem more due to sweating especially in the summer season. If you are also experiencing strong vaginal odor these days, then know from the experts how you can manage it (tips to avoid vaginal odor).

In the summer season, a little carelessness towards intimate hygiene can create a big problem for you. Due to being wet with sweat for a long time, there are infections and rashes in the vagina, in such a situation, the smell starts from the vagina. However, with proper vaginal care, you can keep it healthy and free from bad odor (tips to avoid vaginal odor).

Health Shots spoke to Astha Dayal, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, CK Birla Hospital Gurugram on this topic. The doctor told that it can easily reduce the smell of vagina. She said that if taken care of regularly, vaginal smell will never bother you. So let’s know how you can keep your vaginal odor normal this summer.

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Know here the ways to control vaginal smell (tips to avoid vaginal odor)

1. Pay attention to the cause of increasing vaginal odor

According to the doctor, if your vagina smells more, then first of all try to find out the reason for it. If you do not take care of the cleanliness of your vagina, then improve it or see if you are suffering from any kind of infection and allergy.

Also, if rashes are visible on the skin around the vagina, then find a solution to all these problems. If the problem is severe, contact a doctor immediately as rashes and infections develop more rapidly in summer.

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2. Keep the vagina as clean as possible

Dr. Neeti Kautish, Senior OBS and Gynaecologist, Fortis Escorts, Faridabad, says that by taking care of vaginal hygiene, the odor coming from the vagina remains only as much as it is naturally present in it. Also, it is very important for your vaginal bladder and overall health.

In such a situation, if you want to avoid vaginal smell, do not forget to urinate immediately after sex. Do not use perfumed and chemical soaps to clean the vagina. Because it will save your vagina from smell for half an hour, but will imbalance the pH balance, due to which after some time your vagina starts to smell a lot.

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Along with this, if there is excessive sweating in summer, then change the undergarment twice a day. If possible, avoid wearing undergarments at night, so that the vagina can get a chance to breathe.

If there is excessive sweating, and you are doing office or household chores, dry the vagina with a clean cloth and then change the undergarments. Always clean the vagina from front to back. This method prevents fecal matter from entering the vagina. Do not put on undergarments without completely drying the vagina after bathing and urinating. Also, never use scented and horse products to clean the vagina.

3. Healthy vaginal foods will help

Nutrient-rich healthy vaginal foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and lean proteins can help reduce vaginal odor. Stay away from fast, oily and fried foods as much as possible.

In summer it not only increases the smell of your vagina, but also badly affects your digestive system. Consuming fermented foods like curd, buttermilk is very good for the health of the vagina. Probiotics are found in sufficient quantity in these, which increase the healthy bacterial growth in the vagina. Also protect them from infection.

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4. Coconut and tea tree oil can be used

If your vagina smells more in summer, you can use coconut and tea tree oil. Both of these have anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Which help in eliminating the bacteria and germs that are causing your vaginal odor. However, use them with caution. Do not let them go inside the vagina.

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5. Avoid tight undergarments and clothes

Wearing tight clothes can cause vaginal fluid and sweat to stick to the vagina. In this condition, there is more sweating. Due to which the risk of infection increases, as well as it also increases the odor of the vagina. So always try to wear loose and cotton undergarments.

Also keep your jeans, trousers and other lowers a little loose. The loose and cotton undergarment absorbs the sweat coming in the vagina, due to which bacteria and other germs do not grow on the skin of the vagina. In such a situation, the smell of the vagina does not increase and the risk of infection also remains limited.

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