4 lakh Indians will die before getting a green card! This reason came out


Bureau report : 11 lakh Indians living in America are waiting to get green card. This claim has been made in the report of the American think tank Cato Institute. According to this, there is a great need for a green card to get a job in America. Till this time 11 lakh Indians have applied but 4 lakh people will die before getting green card.

Green card is given to the immigrant people of America to live permanently. 1.8 million people have pending applications for employment-based US citizenship. In this, 63 percent are applications of 11 lakh Indians.

What is a green card?

In the official language of Green Card it is called Permanent Resident Card i.e. PR. Getting a green card means that one can stay in that place permanently. All the countries give these cards to the people in a fixed time.

Long wait for green card

The American think-tech Cato Institute has said in its report that under the family-sponsored system, about 83 lakh citizenship applications are pending. According to the report, the people of India will have to wait for 134 years to get a green card. Out of the applications given for green cards, 4 lakh 24 thousand people would have died before the applications were approved.

Most of the people working in the field of science, technology and engineering in America are Indians and Chinese citizens. Yet every year only a few of them get a green card. The wait of Indians for green card is getting longer. Despite the efforts of the Biden administration and the American MP of Indian origin, no solution is coming out.

The number of people giving up Indian citizenship has increased

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, 7.88 lakh people who went to America in 2021 have left Indian citizenship. Australia is on the second place where 23,533 Indian citizens have left the citizen ship. It is followed by Canada at number three and UK at number four.

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