Zomato’s service will no longer be available, the company announced the closure


Nowadays everyone shops online to save their time. This makes it easy to get everything done at home without wasting time. With which online companies are earning very good. Meanwhile, news is coming out about the Zomato company.

Zomato grocery delivery service
Zomato grocery delivery service

In fact, online food delivery platform Zomato has announced the closure of its Grocery Service from September 17. The company has announced the closure of its Grocery Service, mainly due to low orders and poor consumer experience. This is the second time Zomato has announced the closure of the service.

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Zomato also announced the closure of the service last year. Zomato launched a pilot grocery delivery service in June this year. At that time, the company had announced that it would be delivered to the customer in just 45 minutes in the selected market.

Zomato grocery delivery service
Zomato grocery delivery service

It may be recalled that the service was launched by the company at a time when the country was in the throes of a lockdown. At the time, Zomato believed that there could be more demand for grocery from customers in the lockdown, but this did not happen. As a result, the company has now announced its closure.

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The company says it wants to move out of the grocery service and focus on its food delivery business. The company said it believes the investment in Grofers will benefit them. The company said it would focus on its express delivery model, under which the company promises to deliver food in just 15 minutes. The company has also announced its email statement.

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