YouTuber Armaan Malik with two wives is going to be a father for the 5th time

YouTuber Armaan Malik: Good news for YouTuber Armaan Malik fans. After becoming a father of 4 children, Armaan Malik is now going to become a father for the 5th time. The YouTuber’s second wife Kritika recently announced her pregnancy on her blog. The news of the YouTuber’s wife being pregnant is once again in the headlines as Kritika gave birth to a child only 5 months ago.

Kritika will become a mother for the second time

Kritika, the second wife of Armaan Malik (YouTuber Armaan Malik) has announced her pregnancy again in her blog on YouTube. Not only Armaan Malik but also his first wife Payal is very happy after Kritika’s announcement. All these three were looking very happy in the blog. Kritika gave birth to a son 5 months ago, whom she named Ayaan.

Got pregnant again 5 months after delivery
While Armaan and his first wife Kritika are happy with this announcement, many people are surprised by this news. This is because Kritika gave birth to Ayaan 5 months ago. On social media, people are making a lot of comments about becoming a mother so soon.

The YouTuber will become a father for the 5th time
Armaan Malik and his two wives earn a lot from their blog. Armaan Malik is going to become a father for the fifth time with this good news. Earlier, Armaan Malik had a son from his first wife. After this Armaan Malik’s first and second wife got pregnant together. Payal gave birth to twins for the second time, while Kritika gave birth to a son. Now Kritika has announced that she is pregnant again. This news is rapidly going viral on social media.

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