You are very beautiful but you are not able to vote, this Hasina with 1.2 million followers got only 2292 votes. This Hasina with 1.2 million followers got only 2292 votes Full detail in punjabi Punjabi news


Internment News. AAP candidate Chahat Pandey has lost the election from Damoh assembly seat in Madhya Pradesh. Now Chahat Pandey is becoming very viral on social media. Chahat got a total of 2292 votes in the elections but Chahat has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. People are trolling him a lot.

People say that elections are not won by dancing. So one user wrote, “Intellect is useful in politics, not face.” Along with this, one user wrote, โ€œAnd move your hips.

Has 1.2 million followers across India

Another user wrote, “Chahat ki chahat nai chlai in Damoh.” In this video, where many people are trolling Chahat, many users are also coming in support of him. Supporting him, one user wrote, “This is the truth of social media, anyway it is not necessary that their followers are also voters there.” Also one user wrote, because 1.2 million followers are from all over India and the voters are from Damoh.

Chahat Pandey played many roles

Chahat Pandey has notably been seen in popular TV soaps like Naagin-2, Durga-Mata Ki Chhaya, Tenaliraman, Radha Krishnan, Aladdin, Savadh India and Crime Patrol. One of his videos went viral on social media. In it, she is dancing on the song 'Aankh Mere, Boy Ankh Mere' and it has received good views. Chahat Pandey has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and is popular as a TV celebrity.