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Ola on 15 August launched its first electric scooter Ola Scooter in the country. This scooter has a great range and as per the companyโ€™s claim, it is equipped with strong power. Ola Electric Scooter has been launched in two variants, first S1 and second S1 Pro electric scooter. These can be booked for just Rs 499. However, their price varies from state to state. The price of the scooter in Delhi starts from Rs.99,999, but in Gujarat it is cheaper than in Delhi. Similarly, in many other states including Maharashtra, its price is more than Delhi and Gujarat. But why so? Letโ€™s know.

Why does the price of electric vehicles differ in different states? The straight and simple answer is the subsidy given by the states for electric vehicles. Actually, recently the central government had made changes in its FAME-II policy, under which discounts are given on the price of electric two-wheelers and electric four-wheelers. This exemption is the same on all electric vehicles, but in recent times, several state governments have announced their own separate subsidy for electric vehicles. In some states, there is less subsidy on electric vehicles, while some states openly announced subsidies. These different subsidies offered by the state governments also make a difference in the effective cost of the vehicles.

Ola S1, S1 Pro price in different states

Similar is the case with the Ola S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters. The Ola electric scooter is the cheapest in Gujarat, where the S1 costs Rs 79,999 and the S1 Pro costs Rs 1,09,999. At the same time, the price of S1 in Delhi is Rs 85,099 and the price of S1 Pro is Rs 1,10,499.

The price of S1 in Rajasthan is Rs 89,968 and S1 Pro is Rs 1,19,138, in Maharashtra they are priced at Rs 94,999 and Rs 1,24,999 respectively. Barring these four states, the Ola S1 and S1 Pro are priced at Rs 99,999 and Rs 129,999 respectively in all other states.

Ola S1, S1 Pro specifications, features

Talking about its features, to woo the youth, the company has launched the scooter in 10 color options and has also given an artificial sound system. The scooter comes equipped with a 4G connectivity system, so that it can stay connected to the internet. In this, the rider can connect his smartphone and can even lock/unlock the scooter through the app. Like โ€˜Hey Googleโ€™ it can listen to you by saying โ€˜Hey Olaโ€™. You can play music via voice commands or set the location for GPS navigation. Apart from this, you can also call anyone. To show all these details, the scooter has a 7-inch touch screen display and also includes an in-built speaker.

The electric scooter gets a battery pack of 3.9 kWh capacity, due to which the scooter can run up to 181 km on a single charge. It takes about 6 hours for this battery pack to be fully charged. The company claims that the battery can be charged up to 50 percent in 18 minutes. It uses a motor capable of generating power up to 8.5 kW and the company claims that the scooter is capable of accelerating from 0 to 40 kilometers per hour in just 3 seconds. Its top speed is 115 kilometers per hour. It has three different driving modes โ€“ Normal, Sport and Hyper. Varies by range and power modes. Using more power, the range comes out less.



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