Why are the numbers written on the side of the railway tracks?

Indian Railways: This number written on the side of the railway track is actually nothing but the kilometer number. If there is any work related to the track at a station or two stations, then the people driving the train should restrict the speed to the pilot. Besides, it is ordered to stay alert.

For this, the km number of the pole on which the work is going on is written. The loco pilot also strictly follows the same written order. So sometimes the train slows down a lot on seeing this number.

When these poles are made of cement or concrete, the kilometer number is written on the electric poles. In railway parlance it is called mast. In fact, the distance between two masts can be up to 60 meters. This distance can also be reduced if the tracks have curves.

If there is a malfunction at any place on the tracks while running the train, then you may face trouble. A train accident can also happen. So loco pilot gives information about track maintenance to people by looking at these numbers.

KM number is very useful not only for loco pilots but also for common citizens. In fact, if any of your important items are stolen or lost, you can ask railway officials for help by telling them the km number.
If the engine of a train fails or due to any other reason the train faces a problem then the guard of the train asks for help by telling the kilometer number to the railway officials. Many other tasks are also done with its help.

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