When and how do you use moisturizer? These problems can happen, know which mistakes need to be avoided



It is best to apply moisturizer on the face with the help of tapping.
Avoid applying any other beauty product immediately after applying moisturizer.

How to Apply Moisturizer: Dryness of the skin becomes a common problem for most people in the winter season. In such a situation, people use body lotion or moisturizer to get rid of dry and lifeless skin. But do you know that applying moisturizer anytime and any way can cause many problems on the skin. In such a situation, it becomes very important to avoid some mistakes while applying moisturizer.

Usually everyone uses moisturizer on the skin. But most people are unaware of the right way to apply moisturizer. Due to which many side effects can be seen on your skin. So let us tell you some tips for applying moisturizer, by following which you can take special care of the skin.

use face wash
Most people avoid face wash before applying moisturizer. Due to which the dust and dirt of the face also gets mixed in the moisturiser. In such a situation, skin infection, rashes, itching and burning can be seen on your skin. That’s why it is better to use moisturizer only after washing and cleaning the face properly.

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Tips for applying moisturizer
Avoid rubbing the moisturizer directly on the face. In this case, tap the moisturizer on the skin with the help of fingers. At the same time, keep a small drop of moisturizer on the forehead, throat, nose and chin. Keep in mind that do not apply moisturizer on oily skin at all. This can increase the extra oil of the skin.

do face massage
After tapping the moisturizer, spread it on the face. For this, massage the face in circular motion with light hands. With this, not only will the moisturizer be applied on the entire face, but the skin will also be able to absorb the moisturizer easily.

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Avoid applying other products
Some people apply makeup or other beauty products on the face immediately after applying moisturizer. Due to which reactions can be seen on your face. Therefore, allow the moisturizer to be absorbed for 1-2 minutes and use other products on the face only after drying thoroughly.

Benefits of moisturizer
The use of moisturizer in skin care is helpful in keeping the skin hydrated. At the same time, by applying moisturizer, the closed skin pores of the skin also start opening. Due to which many skin problems like warts and rashes are easily removed. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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