What is water fasting and how is it beneficial for reducing obesity? | What is water fasting and how is it beneficial for reducing weight Punjabi news


What is water fasting and how is it beneficial for reducing obesity? (Pic Credit: TV9Hindi.com)

The problem of obesity has increased in the last decade due to our wrong eating habits and lifestyle, junk food outside and less physical activity are largely responsible for the increase in obesity, but now people are starting to give importance to their health. have started following various diets to reduce obesity. But today's youth want to reduce the increased weight immediately, in such a trend of keeping a new type of fast (fasting) has increased a lot, this is water fasting. But what is water fasting, how is it done and what are its benefits let's know from the expertsโ€ฆ

What is water fasting?

As the name suggests, only water is consumed in this fast, nothing else is eaten or drunk. People do this 24 to 72 hours as per their convenience. In this, only water is consumed during the entire fast, due to which the weight is reduced very quickly. The results of this fast are quite good. Especially young people are observing this fast to lose weight quickly before marriage.

Benefits of keeping a water fast

  • Water fasting has many benefits for the body. When we don't eat anything, the body gets full time to repair itself.
  • During water fasting, our damaged cells, which can cause deadly diseases like cancer, work to repair and re-cycle themselves, making us healthier.
  • By keeping a water fast, our body gets detoxified, dirt and fat accumulated in the body is flushed out and we feel lighter than before.
  • Water fasting increases our insulin sensitivity, which makes insulin work better than before and keeps blood sugar under control, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.
  • Water fasting helps lower cholesterol, which also controls blood pressure and prevents heart diseases.

But some people must consult a doctor before doing this fast because if you are on certain medications then this fast can harm you, while the elderly, children and pregnant women should never do this fast. Also, there is a risk of weakness in this fast, so do this fast thoughtfully and do not do it under the influence of anyone.