What India Thinks Today: Raveena Tandon spoke on nepotism – this way half the industry will end. WITT what India thinks today raveena tandon talks about nepotism Punjabi news


What India Thinks Today: Raveena Tandon spoke on nepotism – half of the industry will end this way

The second edition of TV9 Network's global summit 'What India Thinks Today' has begun. This global summit started today i.e. February 25 will last for three days. Many big personalities are going to participate in it. Film actress Raveena Tandon participated in this program being held in Delhi on the first day. Raveena Tandon was asked many questions during the program What India Thinks Today. Raveena answered all the questions openly and expressed her views on various issues.

Raveena Tandon comes from a filmy family. His father Ravi Tandon was a film producer. Raveena herself is a great actress. Meanwhile, Raveena mentioned her father and mother, and said that mother plays the biggest role in bringing up children. He said that my mother has also played an important role in my upbringing. Meanwhile, Raveena said that her mother had done Kathak for 15 years under Birju Maharaj. He said that he has always had an artist in him and the same is somewhere in our blood.

Said this on nepotism

On a question on nepotism, Raveena Tandon said that if you talk about nepotism, half of our politics and half of our industry will be destroyed. Meanwhile, he told about his beginning in the film world. She said that I was helping Prahlad Kakkar. Everyone was telling me that you have to come in front of the screen and not behind the screen. After this, one day Raveena got an offer for a big film and she said yes.

How did it start?

Raveena Tandon said that in the beginning she was getting many film offers, but she was constantly rejecting all the offers. The reason for this was that she wanted to go into the field of directing. He said that I had not even thought about acting. He said that if you had seen me at the age of 13-14, you would not have been able to tell that I was going to become a star.

He refused many films. Salman Khan's first film Main Pyaar Kiya was a big hit. It was only after this that I was offered his second film. He said that after this he told his college friends that he got a Salman Khan film offer. Friends asked Raveena to sign this film. Then we don't care whether you do a film or not, but do this film. We only have to come to the shooting and meet Salman. Then Raveena said yes for the film.