What did you search 15 minutes ago, you can delete everything, Google’s new feature is awesome



The 15 Minutes feature will give users even more control over their web history.
Chrome for desktop already gives users the option to delete history by days.
The search and technology giant is also working on protecting users from unsafe sites.

Google is working on a ‘quick delete’ function for its popular browser Chrome, which will allow users to clear the last 15 minutes of browser history instantly. This feature was first spotted by the website ChromeStory, and it was told that in two taps, the activity of the last 15 minutes on the users’ web can be deleted. The function was found on Chromium Gerrit for Android, which suggests that it may be exclusive to the mobile version of the browser for now.

Chrome for Android and desktop already allows users to view browsing sessions by days in the History tab. If you want, you can also clear your browsing data till the last hour.

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On the desktop version of the browser, Chrome currently offers several time options, including Last Hour, 24 Hours, 7 Days, 4 Weeks, and All Time. With the 15 Minutes feature, Android users will have even more control and convenience over their web history.

The process is similar to ‘incognito mode’ on the desktop version, but with additional controls, as it allows users to clear their history and cookies individually.

It is not only a matter of privacy, but also an issue of security. Google Chrome being the most popular web browser out there, the ability to delete data quickly and easily would benefit many users.

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Will get more privacy features
Let us tell you that this is not the only new feature that Google is working on. According to a report by 9to5Google, the search and technology giant is also working to protect users from unnecessary downloads from unsafe sites.

The new Fitter will automatically check web URLs for the HTTPS flag, and automatically block unsafe downloads.

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