Watch video Damaged Soyuz capsule reaches Earth from International Space Station

Space agencies got a big success on Tuesday. The ‘trouble’ that had come on the International Space Station (ISS) since last year is over. Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft attached to the ISS has returned to Earth. Last year, a coolant leak was detected in this capsule. Because of this Soyuz was unable to return to Earth. The astronauts who went to the ISS by riding on it were also stuck there. Now they are coming back through different missions.

news agency reuters Report According to sources, the Soyuz capsule has been returned after about 3 months. It returned to Earth without a crew, which took two hours. The Soyuz landed in the Kazakh steppe on Tuesday afternoon, a few hundred kilometers from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. This is Russia’s main place for the space launch program. The landing of the capsule was telecast live by Russia’s space agency Roscosmos.

Why the coolant leaked from the Soyuz is still under investigation. Initially it was attributed to the effect of micrometeorites. It was said that a small meteorite must have hit the spacecraft. Later it was found that there is a small hole in the Soyuz capsule. After this it was decided that all the astronauts who had reached the ISS aboard the Soyuz would be brought back from other missions. Soyuz will be landed on Earth without crew.

The Russian Space Agency and the American Space Agency NASA (Nasa) are investigating why the coolant leaked in the Soyuz. Last year, when a coolant leak was detected in the Soyuz, two Russian cosmonauts were getting ready for their spacewalk. Both the passengers had to cancel the spacewalk.

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