Vehicles will now run on E20 fuel not diesel and CNG cost will half as much as petrol. Vehicles will now run on E20 fuel, not diesel, CNG, will cost half as much as petrol


Photo:FILE Vehicles will now run on E20 fuel instead of diesel, CNG

E20 Fuel cost: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced E20 fuel, which is petrol combined with 20% ethanol, in Bengaluru as a step towards cleaner transport. Sales of electric vehicles are on the rise in India, but most people cannot afford them. As a result, E20 or flex fuel vehicles are providing a great alternative to reduce pollution without breaking the bank. The Indian government believes that reaching its target of 20% ethanol in gasoline will benefit the country’s agricultural industry. The government claims that these measures will result in an increase in the income of farmers.

What is E20 fuel?

E20 fuel is made from a blend of 20 percent ethanol and 80 percent gasoline. India’s current ethanol blending with petrol is 10 per cent, which is higher than ever before. Multiple reports indicate that the government intends to make E20 fuel available to the general public in India soon. Since ethanol is made from biomass, it does not require crude oil. Ethanol is mostly obtained from crops like corn and sugarcane. India already produces a substantial amount of food grains and sugarcane. Eventually, this could make it possible for automobiles to use a greater proportion of ethanol.

  1. Biofuel is rapidly gaining popularity due to its low environmental impact. If used on a large enough scale, this has the potential to reduce pollution to a great extent.
  2. About 85% of India’s fuel requirements are met by imports. As a result, the price of crude oil skyrocketed. The use of petrol with 20% ethanol blending in India would result in significant cost savings for the country.
  3. When new technology is put into practice, new possibilities of employment emerge. New opportunities will be created in the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) sector as well as in the component supplier and aftermarket service provider sectors.

E20 fuel vehicle?

There aren’t many cars on Indian roads right now that can handle the E20 petrol mix. Examples include Hyundai Motor India’s Creta, Venue, and Alcazar SUVs, all of which are said to be capable of operating on the E20 petrol as of the 2023 MY model year.

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