Urfi Javed gave such poses in a front cut dress, watching the video will blow your mind

Urfi javed: Urfi Javed’s bold and unique fashion sense is understated. Because Urfi knows very well how to get people to talk about her, that’s why she is seen dancing in front of the camera every day wearing strange clothes. Today, Urfi was seen in a black color dress with a slit in the front.

Urfi Javed Photos scissored the black dress to such an extent that Hasina had to use transparent thread to cover her private parts from the front.

Cut from the neck to the stomach, Urfi Javed’s new dress had the two halves joined with transparent thread to save her dignity. If you look carefully at the pictures, a thread is also visible on the abdomen.

Urfi Javed Pix wore a black cutout dress with silver colored high heels. Urfi also completed her look with a hair bun and red lipstick. Pictures of Urfi Javed’s new look are going viral on social media. On which netizens are making various comments. Seeing Urfi’s new look, some people are questioning what she is going to do.

You know, even today Urfi Javed (aka Urfi Javed Instagram) is popular on social media because of her extraordinary fashion. But there was a time when she started her career as a TV actress. But she rose to fame after participating in Bigg Boss OTT Season 1 due to her quirky fashion sense.

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