Until now, you have been saying 'broccoli' wrongly, the woman told the real pronunciation, people were left in the lurch!


There are many things which we have been seeing and hearing since childhood. They never try to do any research about it nor do they consider that it could be wrong. In such a situation, if you come to know about something that you have been mistaking for years, then it is natural to be surprised. People were similarly shocked when they discovered that they had been mispronouncing broccoli until today.

If the name of some healthy vegetable is mentioned in front of you, broccoli immediately comes out of your mouth. However, you will be surprised to know that the name we are using for this vegetable is not correct. This is not our claim but an Australian woman's claim. When he pronounced broccoli like this on TikTok, listeners were shocked because they were not used to hearing it like this.

Say Broccoli Not Broccoli…
According to the report of Daily Star, a woman named Caitlin Young, a resident of Queensland, Australia, has created all this controversy. He told through his social media account that the vegetable which comes in the form of green cabbage on everyone's plate and which we call broccoli, is not really broccoli. The 23-year-old mother was telling about the scam going on in the name of fresh vegetables, but the most important thing for people was her style of saying broccoli. The woman was saying 'brockle-ee' instead of 'brockle-ee'. As soon as people heard this, it became a topic of discussion.

People said – We didn't know that…
Because of this different name of broccoli, the clip went viral and people started thinking that they had never heard it before. One user wrote – We can't take you seriously because you say broccoli. Some people wrote – It sounds like a joke to talk about broccoli like this. Along with this, some people accepted the woman's statement as true and said that this is how it is said in Australia.


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