Two brothers died in Tarn Taran due to snake bites, bitten while sleeping at night – Punjabi news | Two brothers died due to snake bites in Tarn Taran, Know full details in Punjabi

. of Tarn Taran Bias (BEAS) An unfortunate news has come from the adjacent village Mundapind. Here two brothers died due to snake bites. The two brothers of the deceased have been identified as Gurditta Singh (8) and Prinspal Singh (10). The family members said that both the brothers fell asleep laughing and playing at night. When I woke up at 5 am, one brother complained of pain in his ear and the other in his wrist.

Both his ears and wrists were swollen. Seeing this, the family got scared. If someone did not understand something, he immediately told him the hospital (Hospital) took away Hospital doctors said that the children were bitten by a snake.

Both died during treatment

The family members said that the doctors of the hospital started treating both of them but by then it was too late. Both the brothers died during treatment. The villagers said that these four were brothers and sisters. After both sons left in the same night, the family is now left with grandparents, parents and two sisters. The villagers Punjab Govt (Punjab Govt) It has been demanded that financial help should be given to the family so that they can get some relief in this suffering.

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