Today is going to be the last lunar eclipse of the year, pregnant women should pay special attention to these things

Today is going to be the second and last lunar eclipse of the year. Along with this, today is also going to coincide with Sharad Purnima. Did you know that according to the scriptures, an eclipse is seen as an astronomical phenomenon?

When the Earth comes between the Moon and the Sun during its revolution around the Sun, a lunar eclipse occurs. Let’s know about lunar eclipse timings and precautions:

Lunar eclipse time
The last lunar eclipse of the year will begin at 11:30 PM tonight on October 28 and end at 3:56 PM, at which time the light shadow of the eclipse, known as the penumbra phase of the Moon, will begin to fall.

If we talk about the main phase of the lunar eclipse i.e. umbra phase or deep shadow, it will start on October 29 at 1:05 PM and end at 2:24 AM, with a duration of 1 hour and 19 minutes. The eclipse will start at 1.05 pm, end at 1.44 pm and the eclipse will end at 2.40 pm.

Sutak period of lunar eclipse
This lunar eclipse will also be visible in India today, so its Sutka kal will also be valid. Since the lunar eclipse of Khandgraha is going to take place at 1:05 PM tonight, its Sutak time will start 9 hours earlier on 28th October i.e. 04:05 PM today.

Where will the lunar eclipse be seen?
This lunar eclipse will be visible in India. The second lunar eclipse of this year will also be visible in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, North and Eastern South America, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Antarctica. This solar eclipse will take place in Ashwani Nakshatra and Aries.

Which zodiac signs will be affected by lunar eclipse 2023?
The last lunar eclipse of the year is going to be incomplete, so it is considered quite painful. This lunar eclipse is considered very inauspicious for Aries, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Also, this lunar eclipse is considered auspicious for Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius zodiac sign people.

Dos and don’ts during lunar eclipse

What not to do during lunar eclipse
1. Don’t get angry during lunar eclipse, getting angry can be dangerous for you in next 15 days.
2. Do not consume food during lunar eclipse. Apart from this, performing puja is also considered forbidden.
3. One should not visit any deserted place or crematorium during lunar eclipse. During this period, negative forces are very effective. 4. One should not start any new work during lunar eclipse. Negative energy is believed to be higher during an eclipse.
5. Husband and wife should not have sexual intercourse during eclipse period. Doing so can spoil the happiness and peace of your home.

What to do during lunar eclipse
1. During a lunar eclipse, one should only chant the mantras of God, which are considered to be tenfold fruitful.
2. After lunar eclipse one should bathe with pure water and give charity to the poor.
3. The entire house should be purified after lunar eclipse. By doing this, all the negative energies of the house are removed.
4. Donating grass to cows, food to birds and clothes to the needy at the time of eclipse has many virtues.

Pregnant women should take care of these things during lunar eclipse
1. Pregnant women should not step out of the house during lunar eclipse.
2. Pregnant women should avoid cooking or eating during eclipse.
3. Pregnant women should not use knives, scissors or any sharp object even by mistake.

What is a partial lunar eclipse?
A partial lunar eclipse occurs when only part of the Moon enters the Earth’s shadow. It shows that the Moon is cutting the surface and the Earth’s shadow appears black in the part of the Moon that is closest to the Earth.