This is the cheapest model of Kia Sonet SUV, know the price and features


The Kia Sonet sub-compact SUV is getting a huge response in India in a short span of time. It is the most high-tech affordable SUV on the market, which is being hailed for its stylish design and powerful features.

However, sometimes people are not able to buy sonnets even though they are financially strapped because they do not have a budget. In this case, you can choose the base model. The base model is the best of any car There would be cheaper models Is from which some features have been reduced. So let’s know all about the price and features of the sonnet base model. .

cheapest model of Kia Sonet

If we talk about the base model of Kia Sonnet, it is an HTE trim that customers can buy for Rs 6,79,000 (ex-showroom). This price is like a hatchback which can be easily purchased. In that case, you can easily buy this powerful SUV. Sonnet’s base HTE trim features customer driver and passenger airbags, ABS and rear parking sensors, heartbeat tail lamps, air conditioner rear AC vents, 8.89 cm (3.5 “) mono color instrument cluster, Plates, Premium Fabric Seats – Black and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors are provided.

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