These EU Cities Have the Most Sunny Days a Year


Even after the summer is over, the journey to find sunny destinations continues. Europe, being the diverse continent it is, does offer some very sunny places, especially in the Southern regions.

Below, will explore some of these dreamy destinations and, who knows, offer some great options for an early spring holiday.

According to Holidu, the holiday rentals search engine, with 12 out of 30 cities where the average monthly sun hours are the highest, Spain is home to the sunniest cities in Europe.

Altogether with Italy, where 11 out of 30 of the sunniest cities in Europe are located, Spain also has some of the warmest cities in the area, with temperatures varying between 19 and 21 as monthly averages.

Warmest & Sunniest Cities in Spain โ€“ Your Ideal Pick for Early Spring Vacations

In Spain, Alicante ranks on top of the list of cities with the most sun hours โ€“ a total of 349 in a month. According to data from World Weather Online and collected by Holidu, the second spot is secured by Catania in Italy, with 347 hours a month and a temperature of 20 degrees.

In correct order, these Spanish cities have the highest average of sun hours in Europe:

Ranking City Average Monthly Sun Hours Average Monthly Temperature
1 Alicante 349 19
3 Murcia 346 20
4 Malaga 345 20
6 Valencia 343 20
8 The Palms 341 20
9 Granada 341 17
11 Seville 340 21
12 Zaragoza 340 17
14 Barcelona 339 18
15 Palma de Mallorca 337 19
19 Madrid 335 18
23 Valladolid 329 14

Here Is What to Look Forward in Spain

Alicante, being the sunniest city in Spain, has a lot to offer, starting from its stunning Costa Blanca for exciting beach days to many museums and historical sites that are much worth seeing.

Murcia, which is known for its micro-climate that leaves the region hot and with warm water for the whole year, is another destination to keep in mind. The endless beaches with small coves are great for several watersports or just to soak up under the sun.

Malaga, Valencia, Las Palmas and Granada are also top destinations with sunny days, where tourists can enjoy a day at the beach or have a picnic in an open ambience.

Italy โ€“ Ideal for Culture, Food & Fun Under the Sun

Catania holds the second position for having the most sunny days in Europe and also the sunniest in Italy, with an average of 347 hours of sun per month.

The ancient port city of Sicily is popular for its active volcano, Mt. Etna, but also has to offer some exciting sights, such as the old town, which is protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Palermo, yes, another Sicilian city, concludes the list of the sunniest cities in Europe, and there are a lot of things this city offers. Being Italyโ€™s biggest opera house and home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this city is ideal for both culture enthusiasts and sun-seekers, as it has an average of 340 hours of sun per month.

Ranking City Average Monthly Sun Hours Average Monthly Temperature
2 Catania 347 20
5 Messina 345 19
10 Palermo 340 19
17 Rome 336 18
20 Naples 334 19
21 Bari 333 19
22 Turin 331 14
26 Verona 323 16
28 Venice 317 16
29 Milan 313 16
30 Florence 310 16

Do Not Forget About France & Check Out These New Spots

Yes, this list is mainly divided between Spain and Italy (que sera, sera, which basically means โ€œit is what it isโ€); there are also some honourable mentions to check out.

Nice in France is ranked the seventh sunniest city in Europe, with 342 sun hours per month. Nice offers visitors sandy beaches, stunning bars and restaurants, many cultural and architectural offerings and, most importantly, a fantastic climate!

Except for Nice, with an average of 339 sun hours, Marseille is another destination in France that can be ideal for those (a few of them) that maybe want less sun.

Tirana in Albania is also a great option (336 sun hours), followed by Athens (Greece), Sofia (Bulgaria), Zurich (Switzerland) and Lisbon (Portugal).

Travel Insurance โ€“ Always a Must!

Although sunny destinations are highly sought-after, standing in the sun can be risky for some people, especially during extremely hot summer days.

In order to keep themselves protected from the weather as well as any inconveniences, it is always recommended to purchase travel insurance when travelling.

Ultimately, securing travel insurance is a vital precaution, providing essential protection against potential risks and ensuring a worry-free travel experience.

Rank City Country Average Sun Hours Monthly Average Temperature
1 Alicante Spain 349 19
2 Catania Italy 347 20
3 Murcia Spain 346 20
4 Malaga Spain 345 20
5 Messina Italy 345 19
6 Valencia Spain 343 20
7 Nice France 342 17
8 The Palms Spain 341 20
9 Granada Spain 341 17
10 Palermo Italy 340 19
11 Seville Spain 340 21
12 Zaragoza Spain 340 17
13 Marseille France 339 17
14 Barcelona Spain 339 18
15 Palma de Mallorca Spain 337 19
16 Tirana Albania 336 17
17 Rome Italy 336 18
18 Athens Greece 335 20
19 Madrid Spain 335 18
20 Naples Italy 334 19
21 Bari Italy 333 19
22 Turin Italy 331 14
23 Valladolid Spain 329 14
24 Sofia Bulgaria 327 12
25 Zรผrich Switzerland 326 11
26 Verona Italy 323 16
27 Lisbon Portugal 321 18
28 Venice Italy 317 16
29 Milan Italy 313 16
30 Florence Italy 310 16


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