The security guard who was walking on the railway track wearing headphones died in an accident faridkot railway security guard death in accident with train engine know full details in punjabi Punjabi news


district Faridkot (Faridkot) Two security guards tragically died due to being hit by a train engine at Regarding this incident, it is being told that the security guards were walking on the track listening to songs with headphones on. According to information, this accident happened near Bandar Jatana railway station. The Railway Police has recorded the statements of the family members of the deceased and further action is being taken.

Information has been received regarding the incident that a train engine Kotakpura (Kotkapura) was going to Bariwala from At the same time these security guards were on the railway track and had headphones in their ears. Due to this, they did not hear the sound of the engine and this accident happened.

Take care of the belongings

After the accident, the deceased have been identified and the name of one youth is Pawan Kumar son of Swadesh Kumar (21) and the other is Khema Chopra (27) son of Prithiraj. Both the security guards were residents of Bariwala. Repair work of railway lines is going on at Bandar Jatana railway station. Both these security guards were posted at that place to take care of the railway equipment.

Regarding the incident, the officials of the Kotakpura railway outpost have informed that the two youths were kept a month ago for the protection of personal belongings. On Monday morning, a train engine departed from Kotakpura which reached Bandar Jatana railway station at around 4:30 am. At that time, these two security guards were walking on the track wearing headphones. He couldn’t hear the engine horn because he had headphones on. The dead bodies have been taken into possession. Statements of his family members have also been recorded.