The ongoing case against LinkedIn was canceled, know what was the allegation on this online platform


For some time, a case was going on in the court against Microsoft-owned online platform LinkedIn in the US, which was dismissed on Monday. In fact, advertisers allege that LinkedIn increases the number of people viewing video ads on its platform, so that the networking platform can charge advertisers more.

In a ruling on Monday, US magistrate Judge Susan van Keulen said that although some of LinkedIn’s statements may be misleading, complainants have also failed to present their adequate legal remedies, Reuters reports. Let the complainants start this trial under two California laws.

The San Jose, California-based judge also said that LinkedIn had no duty to provide “accurate advertising metrics.” Quoting the company’s disclaimer, he said that the company is not responsible for any click fraud or illegal third-party activity.

The complainants accused LinkedIn of inflating its metrics by counting video ad “views” from users’ LinkedIn app, adding that this also happened when users scrolled through the videos, after which they were simply off-screen. Used to drive

The lawsuit began when LinkedIn said in November 2020 that its developers had fixed software bugs that could have caused overcharges of over 418,000, which is less than $25 (about Rs 1,870). LinkedIn had said that the company would give credit to almost all affected advertisers.

Judge Van Keulen in August dismissed some of the advertisers’ claims while allowing others to proceed. Now, finally this entire trial has been dismissed.