The death of the German girl kidnapped from Israel, the parade was held by Hamas fighters

German tattoo artist Shani Lauck, who was kidnapped from Israel, has died. On the 7th of October Israel He was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists during the attack. After this, his clothes were torn and he was paraded. Now Israel has confirmed his death.

German tattoo artist Shani Lauck was present at the Tribe of Supernova concert in Israel, which was attacked by Hamas terrorists on October 7. In this attack, the terrorists kidnapped Shani Lauk. In a video that went viral after this, a young woman is seen lying unconscious behind a pickup full of armed terrorists in Gaza. His mother Ricarda recognized him based on his tattoos and dyed hair.

‘My daughter is no longer alive’

Shani Lauk’s mother Richarda told a German news agency that unfortunately we got the news yesterday that my daughter is no longer alive. Now that Shani Lauk has been pronounced dead, the German girl’s body has not yet returned to Gaza, according to a report in the Times of Israel. Earlier, Thomasina Bentraub Lauk, the cousin of the German girl, hoped that Shani Lauk would return alive.

Israeli government said – ‘Our hearts are broken’

After the death of the German tattoo artist, the Israeli government said in a post on the social media platform, he was tortured and paraded around Gaza. This is very scary. Our hearts are broken, it’s terrible.

Shani’s credit card was used

The Israeli concert from which the German tattoo artist was abducted was one of the first venues attacked by Hamas militants. The video went viral by parading him to spread terror among the people. According to the information received from the bank, according to Shani’s mother Ricarda, Shani’s credit card last time Gaza was used in It was feared that the terrorists might have robbed him and used his credit card.