The death of a young man from Karnal in Australia


A young man from Karnal, Haryana died in Australia. On January 12, Sahil went to bathe in the sea at Victoria Beach with his friends. There his glasses fell into the water. As he bent down to pick up the glasses, the strong currents of the water swept him into the depths of the sea. Friends also went to rescue him but there was no trace of him.

After this, two young Australians set out to find Sahil in the depths of the sea but they too could not find him. The police carried out a rescue operation using a helicopter. Even after this, Sahil could not be traced due to fog and darkness. At 9 pm, Sahil's body was swept away by the water and moved to the other end of the sea.

The police recovered him and identified him from Sahil's friends. Sahil got married to Annu in 2020. The two lived together in Melbourne. Sahil bought his house in Australia about 5 months ago.

Sahil's parents also went to Australia 3 months ago for the auspicious work of the house. After greetings he returned to India. Cousin Sandeep said that Sahil's body is in the Melbourne hospital. It may take 7 to 10 days to bring it to India.