The applications for ASEP's 5K/2023 announcement are “running”.


The deadline for submitting applications for ASEP's 5K/2023 announcement is in effect, which concerns the filling in order of priority of 775 permanent positions in hospitals and positions with a three-year contract at Papageorgiou General Hospital, Secondary and Compulsory Education.

Candidates must complete and submit an electronic application for participation in ASEP, exclusively through its website ( > Electronic Services > Application) following the instructions provided in the notice (Appendix B).

The deadline for submitting online applications ends on Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.

It is pointed out that the electronic submission of the application to ASEP is completed when the candidates select “Finalization” and only when the twenty-digit (20-digit) code of the fee is in “PAID” status, in order for it to be reserved by ASEP (APPENDIX B – MARKINGS).

ASEP, in its relevant announcement, draws the attention of candidates to the payment of the same fee code as the one they enter in their online application until it is submitted.

The necessary, as the case may be, supporting documents that prove the qualifications, criteria or qualities that the candidates invoke with their application for participation, will be submitted electronically, before the publication of the provisional results, after a relevant Notice from the ASEP (See CHAPTER D ΄ of the Announcement and Fixed Parts of Announcements).


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