Tesla Will Recall Millions Of Cars Due To Safety Issues


American electric car maker Tesla is recalling 4,75,000 models of its Model 3 and Model S. These cars have flaws in the rear view camera and the trunk of the car, which increases the risk of an accident. These cars have been manufactured in the last seven years and this includes the cars sold this year. After this report, the company’s stock had fallen by 3 percent during early trading. However, later there was some recovery in it.

As Reuters reports, US road safety regulator National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is concerned about another problem with the camera. Tesla talks with. Along with this, the company’s driver assistant system has also been launched. the inspection Its being done. NHTSA reported that 3,56,309 Model 3 and 1,19,009 Model S cars are being recalled. Tesla could not be reached for comment.

NHTSA said damage to the cable harness of the rear view camera in Model 3 cars is suspected by opening and closing the trunk lid, which makes it difficult to view the camera image. However, Tesla says it is not aware of any accidents caused by this. Tesla, the world’s most valuable automobile company, is expected to deliver record quarterly.

Tesla’s brand value has grown by 184 percent this year. This growth is more than all the global brands. Tesla’s business has grown tremendously over the past decade and has carved a niche for itself as an influential global brand. Tesla is the only brand to achieve three-digit growth this year. In second place is Sephora, which has a growth of only 37 percent. Tesla’s car sales are competing with other global automobile companies in some countries like the US and China. Tesla plans to start business in the Indian market as well. It has demanded the central government to reduce the import duty. However, major Indian automobile companies are opposed to the reduction in import duty. These companies say that this will affect the production of cars in the country.

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