Sunflower Farming: This flower will make the farmers rich, they will make millionaires in less time


unflower Farming: There is good news for people involved in agriculture. Because today we are going to tell you about such farming. In which you are sure to get a profit of three to four times the cost. According to agricultural experts, sunflower gives the farmer 4 times more than its cost. Let us tell you that there is a lot of demand for sunflower in Indian markets. According to the information, if you start sunflower farming by investing Rs 30,000, you can earn up to Rs 1 lakh 20 thousand within three months. That too without any stress, as more or less rain does not affect the sunflower much.

Understand the math of earnings like this
According to a statistic, if you choose 1 hectare of land for sunflower cultivation, you will have to spend Rs 30,000 on it. In which you will get 25 to 30 quintals of flowers in three months. If you go to the market and see, the price of flowers is 4000 rupees per 100 kg. That means the price of 30 quintal flowers will be up to 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees. That is, in just three months, you will get a profit of at least 90 thousand rupees.

This is the way to farm
Let us tell you that cultivation of sunflower flower can be done in all three seasons. For this the land has to be plowed 2 to 3 times. When the soil becomes fragile, it can be understood that the sunflower has become suitable for flower cultivation. Along with this, while choosing the land for this agriculture, care should be taken that the land is not stagnant. That is, choose a land that drains easily. In 1 hectare cultivation, you can produce around 25 quintals. While the crop becomes marketable in 100 days.

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