Such a printed wedding card went viral on social media

Viral Wedding Invitation: Whenever one gets married, every effort is made to make everything perfect and unique. After months of hard work, everything from the dresses of the bride and groom are made different. If there is even a small mistake in it, the whole work is ruined. Something similar happened with a card printed at a wedding.

When a wedding card arrives at one’s home, one instinctively reads it, so that it reaches the right time and place. Apart from just the place and dates, people also write children’s wishes and poems to invite guests on the card. Sometimes some people also write such things which become less of happiness and more of stress among people.

The wedding card went viral
An old wedding invitation card is going viral on the internet, in which the educational qualification of the bride and groom is clearly written. In the invitation posted on Twitter, the groom’s name is shown to be associated with IIT Bombay, while the bride’s name is shown to be associated with IIT Delhi. People didn’t like shouting degrees on the card like that.

People said – was it necessary to write it?
The wedding card was shared on X by a user named Mahesh (@mister_whistler). He has written the caption on the post – ‘All you need to get married is love.’ This card has been viewed 54 thousand times since it was shared. Some users wrote that they could have written the salary package, while some users said that what was the need to write this on the wedding card?

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